A Look at 4 Organizations Empowering Hispanic Professionals in Tech

Organizations Empowering Hispanic Professionals

Oct 14, 2022

Hispanic people have made significant technological advances, such as Dr. Luis Von Ahn who invented the “Methods and Apparatuses for Controlling Access to Computer Systems and for Annotating Media Files” or the Captcha you see online that helps distinguish human from machine input and prevents spam and automated extraction of data from web sites. Despite their contributions; Hispanic people, are rarely seen in corporate American leadership roles. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to highlight several organizations working to empower Hispanic people in the workplace:

Latinas in Tech

Latinas in Tech

At Latinas in Tech, our mission is to provide the resources, opportunities and community for Latinas to thrive, innovate and lead in tech."

Latinas in Tech is a non-profit that is also the largest network of Latina women working across the technology sector. Their goal is to connect, support, and empower Latina women working in tech. They accomplish this goal through mentoring, events, programs, a job board, and creating safe spaces within top tech companies for recruitment. Every year they come out with an Annual Member Report that celebrates their community and talks about highlights from the year, projects, and positive news.

Learn More: Latinas in Tech Website


To provide Latinx professionals with the resources and support that they need to drive their careers, enable them to thrive, and become leaders in the tech industry."

Techqueria is a nonprofit that provides resources and support to the largest global community of Latinx professionals to further their careers in the tech industry. To support tech professionals, they work with tech companies and employee resource groups and provide career advice, recruiting, mentorship, networking, and events. In 2020 they launched an Annual Summit for Latinx Heritage Month (LHM), to empower Latinx professionals in tech. At the Summit, Latinx professionals can network with companies that have committed to inclusion in the workplace, while simultaneously taking a moment to celebrate the community in tech.

Learn More: Techqueria Website

Techqueria Logo


TechLatino: LISTA is committed to supporting Latinos who work in the science, mathematics, new media, telecommunications, and technology sector. We know that Latino culture faces unique challenges with intimidating hurdles. Our organization can help you find the power and resources you need to turn an impossible challenge into a success story. Our organization invests in solutions every day, from facilitating business opportunities to expert certification and proficiency, we represent the collective interest of more than 50,000,000 Hispanics across the country. Mentorship and education is just a part of the value our members experience.

TechLatino is an Association in that people pay a yearly fee to be a member (which some companies will reimburse you for, check with your HR!). They offer a career center with job boards, events, professional development opportunities, and networking. They also have volunteer opportunities and advocate for increasing opportunities for the Latino community.

Learn More: TechLatino Website

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Empower Hispanic America with Technology (EHAT) Initiative

The proportion of Latinos in STEM careers is not reflective of the overall U.S. population. Although Latino youth have significantly grown to become 20% of all youth in our country, less than 2% of the STEM workforce is composed of Latinos. Therefore, there is not only a lack of representation but a lack of role models that can inspire these youth to pursue a field that is both challenging but rewarding and sees a vast economic growth."

Empower Hispanic America with Technology (EHAT) is an initiative that was started by The League of United American Citizens (LULAC) as a way to help increase access to technology for historically underserved Hispanic communities. By increasing access in these areas to telecommunication technologies, EHAT has established the largest Latino network of community technology centers in the United States of America. They provide free educational workshops to thousands, training, and education on everything to do with STEM for local communities.  They are serving people across the country to bridge the gap in resources for the Hispanic community, and so far has helped over 1.6 million people.

Learn More: LULAC Website

Setting the Stage for the Future

This article is by no means comprehensive in showcasing organizations that empower the Hispanic community, but we hope it will spark an interest in learning more about the organizations that work hard every day to encourage diversity in the workplace. Encouraging minorities and women to pursue STEM careers or build their own businesses infuses those industries with a fresh perspective. Diversity within the tech space is growing, and we at DOMA believe that meaningful change begins from within. It is our goal to build an inclusive, collaborative environment that values everyone’s unique contributions and we are committed to helping people find their place in the technology sector. 

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