A Look at Organizations Helping to Get More Black People into Technology

6 Organizations Helping Black People Get a Better Start in Technology

February 8, 2021

We wouldn’t be where we are today without many of the critical technological advances spearheaded by black people. Despite this, there can be many roadblocks on the path to success for black people. According to a study by The Conference Board, the tech sector “shows a remarkable increase in the number of top earners in the past decade. However, only 4 percent of these top earners are black, compared to over 6 percent in other industries.” The top earners in software development are even lower, “only 3.3 percent are black.” These numbers show an underrepresentation of black people in the tech space. This happens for a combination of reasons, including disproportionate representation in leadership positions, large wage gaps, and the structural racism that can affect hiring practices and workplace culture. 

Several organizations are looking to close this divide, such as the Black Girls Code, which we talked about in a previous blog. In honor of black history month, DOMA will be shining the spotlight on 6 other organizations that are helping black people get established and succeed in technology careers.

The Black Tech Pipeline business model was inspired by the needs of our community members who are usually the minority in predominantly white work spaces."

The Black Tech Pipeline connects talented black technologists to great companies. They continue to work with the people they connect after hire, making sure they have all the resources necessary to thrive. Their services include recruitment assistance, a job board, and events.

Learn More: Black Tech Pipeline Website

Software engineers are uniquely positioned to improve the world—a single developer can design products that change millions of lives and the course of history as we will know it. Yet, progressing in the industry while Black remains exceedingly difficult.

Together, as squads, companies, and communities, we are changing the game by engineering excellence and advancement for Black software engineers, technologists, teams, and companies."

/dev /color realizes the need for a community to help grow black leadership in technology and is the global career accelerator for Black software engineers, technologists, and executives. They support black software engineers with a peer mentorship program and community that helps with their professional development.

Learn More: /dev/color website

Our mission is to activate, connect, and mobilize the largest racial equity community in tech to dismantle the structural barriers that prevent the full participation and leadership of Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy."

Code2040 is a non-profit that provides Black and Latinx Technologists with everything they need to advocate for racial equity in technology. They do this through events, training, career programs, and knowledge sharing.

Learn More: Code2040 Website

Our mission is to provide awareness, promotion, support and resources for Black women led tech-based* and tech-enabled* startups throughout the U.S. and Black Diaspora."

Black Female Founders was created by black women entrepreneurs with experience dealing with the issues black women face. Their platform and programs empower Black women through their entire tech journey. They provide support from idea conception to business investment.

Learn More: Black Female Founders Website

With the right skills and support system behind young Black and Brown men, and their knowing that success is possible, there is no limit to what they can do."

All Star Code has programs that help teach young men of color how to code, but they go beyond that. They look to help their students to gain financial independence, social mobility, and realize they are capable of changing society.

Learn More: All Star Code Website

Blacks In Technology is a tech focused community and media organization that is dedicated to increasing the representation and participation of Black people in the technology industry."

With their global platform for black women and men, Blacks in Technology provides community, guidance, resources, mentorship, and media to their members. They hope to encourage continued excellence and challenge members to new standards of technological innovation.

Learn More: Blacks in Technology Website

Setting the Stage for the Future

This article is by no means comprehensive in showcasing organizations that empower the black community, but we hope it will spark an interest in learning more about the organizations that work hard every day to even the playing field for people of color. Encouraging minorities and women to pursue STEM careers or build their own businesses infuses those industries with a fresh perspective. Diversity within the tech space is growing, and we at DOMA believe that meaningful change begins from within. It is our goal to build an inclusive, collaborative environment that values everyone’s unique contributions and we are committed to helping people find their place in the technology sector. 

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