How to Combat Remote Work Burnout?

Combat Remote Work Burnout with These Simple Tips

January 19, 2021

Remote work can be an effective tool for your team, but it comes with its challenges. Teleworking employees must be set up for success. A rush to enable workers to work from home in light of the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many people into a working situation they were not adequately prepared for. A lack of direction paired with inadequate resources or home life challenges (have kids learning from home, anyone?) means that many employees are getting burnt out. 

In addition to the technical challenges of working from home, many people are struggling with loneliness from isolation. With many parts of the country still facing shutdowns, it can be challenging to find meaningful ways to “get out of the house” or engage in self-care after the workday ends. Ultimately, it will take a concerted effort between businesses and their employees to create effective solutions to remote work burnout. Below are some tips for re-energizing and overcoming the challenges of today’s working landscape. 

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  • Create a defined workspace in your home – even if it’s just a comfy chair and a lap desk, try your best to segregate a quiet area without distractions. 
  • Take Care of Yourself – whether it’s fitting a daily workout, eating healthier, or enjoying a relaxing audiobook make sure you prioritize a few opportunities throughout the week to focus on your own mental and physical health
  • Define Your Boundaries – for both work and home life it can be important to set limits on what you can accomplish. Be realistic, honest, and straightforward with the deadlines you can meet and the additional tasks you can take on. 
  • Ask for Help – It’s better to be upfront and ask for help than to wait until you’ve already missed the deadline or burnt out on a project. Whether it’s a technical issue or just too many additional tasks vying for your time, prioritize, and don’t be afraid to ask others to share the load. 
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Have a Plan

Each department should have a way to keep track of their remote work employees. Set up a weekly video check-in with their direct supervisor to make sure they have everything they need and can update the department on their progress. Communicate your plan clearly and simply. The reassurance that you are thinking ahead can make a big difference in the day to day. 

Make Sure Employees are Equipped with All the Resources They Need

Can your employees easily access corporate information and resources? If not you’ll have an uphill battle with enabling remote work. You may not be fully aware of what your team needs until you ask them. Check-in through a survey or by having managers reach out directly. You may find that you need to provide some physical equipment items to your teams like headsets for peripherals like mice, keyboards, or scanners. In addition to physical resources, it’s important to ensure you have adequate licenses for cloud-based software like Microsoft office.  Be accommodating when employees ask for help. Allowing a bit more flexibility and going out of your way to make things easier for your team could is a sure way to invest in your company’s success.  

Make Collaborating with Colleagues Easier

Can your employees easily get in touch with one another and share work or have a video chat? What about managing tasks and schedules? Being able to work together even when you’re not sharing the same space is vital. There are tons of free apps available for task management, but ideally, your company should be leading the way in creating a consistent plan for collaboration and communication. This means having centralized, secure access to documents, a secure video chat platform, and procedures around in and out of office work. 

Reduced Public Office Hours or More Flexible Schedules

When possible reducing public office hours may make balancing work and home life a little easier for your employees. Although it’s not always a viable solution depending on your industry, cutting the customer-facing part of the day a bit short gives your team the time to catch up on the back-end of the business. Similarly, allowing more flexibility in the times your employees’ clock in or clock out can help them better balance home life, especially if they are also trying to support their children through e-learning. Giving employees the autonomy to define their work hours shows trust and allows your team to better focus when they are on the clock by allowing them the flexibility they need. 

Give Back Time

Many top companies encourage creativity by giving employees some of their time back as an opportunity to innovate. Consider defining a few hours each week as a paid opportunity to innovate, research, and explore. This doesn’t work for every job position but you never know what sorts of forward-thinking ideas may result. This idea is inspired by the 20% project, an initiative where company employees are allocated twenty-percent of their paid work time to pursue personal projects. The objective of the program is to inspire innovation and ultimately increase company potential. Major players like 3M, Google, and Pixar have all implemented versions of this concept and credit it with increased morale and resulting in unique, profitable outcomes. 

How can DOMA help?

Last year DOMA sent out an internal survey to find out how employees felt about remote work. To see how the past 9+ months have affected our team, DOMA recently conducted a follow-up survey. The results were surprising to many members of management. Despite the challenges many of our team have faced, 64% of employees would like to continue working completely from home going forward. A further 20% would like to continue with a hybrid work week. When surveyed about challenges, the top concern was balancing work with their home lives. 

Another key finding was that the majority of employees surveyed (69%) were happy with how DOMA has handled the transition to remote work and that the two top concerns were physical equipment upgrades and a request for additional training. DOMA leadership attributes our focus on automation and our cloud software as key factors in our success during the shift. Employees have been able to collaborate effectively and access important information with virtually no interruption to customer contracts. 

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