Records Relocation - Make your Office Move Count

How Digitizing Documents can Make a Difference During Your Move

April 07, 2020

As your business needs change you may find yourself in the process of seeking out new office space. Perhaps you’re looking to move into the heart of downtown to a more modern space or you’ve expanded your offerings and need a bigger building to house the new service branch. In either case, there are many important factors to consider during the relocation process such as the proximity to your customer base, cost, and square footage. In order to make the most of your relocation it may be time to take stock of some of your current business strategies. After all, a new space calls for a new, more efficient perspective.

Similarly, a move is the perfect time to step back and take a deep look at your records management strategy and consider digitizing your documents before the big move. There is already so much to consider with moving personnel, equipment, and office furniture, don’t let tons of paper hold you back.

It’s easy to overlook the role paper filing plays in a move, but there is a hidden cost to ignoring it. There are four primary concerns when planning to relocate your paper filing system:, business interruptions, physical space, cost, and security/compliance.

U.S. businesses waste $8 billion annually just managing paper.

Interrupting Your Daily Operations

CHALLENGE: Keeping your business running during a move can be especially challenging, and the need to refer to physical records does not make it any easier. Customers are not typically sympathetic to the difficulties of a move and if you cannot provide the service or information they need quickly they will move on to a competitor. If you’re relocation is across state lines the delay in service can be even more severe as valuable business resources are “held hostage” in storage or in moving vehicles for the duration of the process.

SOLUTION: Determine what information you need to continue normal operations and ensure those records are either digitized or moved first. One major advantage of document digitization is that some providers can allow you real time access to documents as they are scanned. By prioritizing the data and documents you need to keep business flowing, you can minimize business interruptions.