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DOMA Celebrates our First 2020 Employees of the Quarter

Congratulations to our Exceptional Winter 2020 EOQs!

March 17, 2020

The spring weather is on its way in Hampton Roads and the first quarter of an exciting new year is drawing to a close. With that in mind, it’s time to announce and celebrate our Q1 DOMA employees of the quarter. Our employee of the quarter (EOQ) program provides an opportunity for our team to nominate and reward employees who embody DOMA’s values of Integrity, Fun, Community, and Innovation. 

Now that DOMA has expanded into a second 70,000 sq/ft facility it seemed fitting to select an EOQ for both of our locations. Our Seahawk building serves as our main headquarters and houses our PMR program. The new London Bridge location is home to our conversion facilities and staff. Less than a mile apart, our two teams work together to deliver our data and document management solutions for customers nationwide. 

Read on to learn more about our Seahawk EOQ – CindyLou Gibson and our London Bridge EOQ – Christa Roque:

Cindy Lou Gibson

CindyLou Gibson

Seahawk EOQ

Cindy Lou’s Nominator Darlene had this to say about how she exemplifies DOMA’s values: 

“Cindylou takes the responsibility of her position as the Front Desk Administrator (our company gatekeeper) to heart and very seriously in order to keep us safe and secure.

If something needs to be done, she doesn’t whine about it, but gets it done.

She is genuinely kind to everyone that comes in her presence.  She seeks out ways to assist people when there is a need and in turn everyone seems to reach out to her first when they need information, a pain pill or a band-aid (she is truly the company’s front area 411 and 911).  

She always has a smile on her face and I hear her laughing with most everyone that comes to visit while they wait in front office area.  She has that type of personality that doesn’t know a stranger. ” 

CindyLou Gibson

Seahawk EOQ

Interview with CindyLou:

What is your current position with DOMA?

I am blessed to be the Front Desk Administrator

How long have you been with us?

Going on my fifth year! Woooowhoooo

What do you like most about working at DOMA?

Work?? I’m spending time with my family and getting paid for it! Seriously if I had to narrow it down. I love greeting you all in the morning, seeing a smile on your face(or putting one there). Helping our customers and vendors with their issues and being the “first” face of DOMA.

Here’s the “hard” question. You were nominated and ultimately selected to be DOMA’s Employee of the Quarter because you embody DOMA’s values: Integrity, Fun, Community and Innovation.  Which one of the values do you think you most represent and why?

I strive to represent all the core values here at DOMA. Integrity though is the most important value to me. Integrity is the heartbeat of your soul. It’s God-given from the very start. It defines honesty and genuine kindness. Integrity is the lasting positive impression you leave someone with. A common description of integrity is the choices you make when no one is watching. God is always watching (with 20/20 laser vision)

I appreciate you all and I’m very proud to serve as your EOQ for the first quarter. Go Vision 2021!

More about the EOQ Program

Christa Roque

Christa Roque

London Bridge EOQ

Christa’s nominator, Tia Gills, really captured what made Christa such a stand out: 


” Christa is always willing to help others. She’s a great team player and is game to do what makes the team better. She makes suggestions and has ideas of how we can improve and do things more efficient. She’s a hard worker a great sport.


Last week, a project was not meeting its daily goals and we were told that we would all have to work on President’s Day if we could not get the numbers up. She was willing to set aside half the day to do her project and then help out on the other project. By the end of that week, we had caught up enough to have the holiday off. That was a big deal because we all value a paid day off.


She is easy to talk to and if there is an issue, she works it out with you instead of just leaving you to figure it out alone. More importantly to me is, she has and uses common sense and does make things more difficult than they have to be.”

Christa Roque

London Bridge EOQ

Interview with Christa Roque:

What is your current position with DOMA?

My current position with DOMA is Imagining Technician III.

How long have you been with us?

I started working for DOMA in March of 2017, so three years.

What do you like most about working at DOMA?

The best part about working at DOMA is the people. My coworkers are what put value into the work I do and are consistently trying to create an environment that nurtures growth.

Here’s the “hard” question. You were nominated and ultimately selected to be London Bridge DOMA’s Employee of the Quarter because you embody DOMA’s values: Integrity, Fun, Community and Innovation. Which one of the values do you think you most represent and why?

As you’ve pointed out, I’ve been selected because others see that I embody all of DOMA’s values. However, if I have to choose one value that I most represent it would be community. I think of the four values community has a little bit of each other value buried inside of it. Community can mean so many things to different people and to me, in the DOMA community, it means having fun with the people I spend most of my week with, being innovative in the ways that we do our work and welcome new people into our family, and having the integrity to sit down and genuinely see the visions we set for 2021.

DOMA Driven, one of DOMA’s three culture committees, manages the EOQ program. Each quarter we take submissions from our team and select the nominees. DOMA Driven looks for nominations that are detailed and make a strong case for how each nominee exemplifies DOMA’s values. If you are a DOMA employee and would like to nominate one of your peers for this award please visit our EOQ nomination page. Winners of this award receive:

  • $250 Bonus in your paycheck
  • Employee of the Quarter Parking Spot
  • DOMA Swag Bag
  • One Administrative Day Off
  • Employee of the Quarter Certificate


  • 1 year of service as a full-time employee
  • In good company standing (no Written Warnings within the last 12 months)

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